Online Access

How to Register

To register to use SystmOnline or the NHS App we need you to come to the Reception desk at the surgery and provide us with:

  • A passport or driving licence, or other official photo ID
  • a recent document with your name and full postal address for example a utility/council tax bill

This is to protect patient confidentiality, and to ensure that we are only giving access to the persons the records relate to.

You must present original document, and these documents must be presented in person yourself, documents sent in by post or copies of documents are not acceptable.

When your identity has been verified the receptionist will register you for the online service, and you will be given a printed sheet with instructions on how to access the system, and your unique username and password. Please keep this safe and dispose of securely once you have memorised the logon details.

This service is connected to your medical records, and is provided, supported, and hosted securely by our clinical systems provider. Unfortunately due to the huge variety of operating systems and internet browsers the practice cannot provide technical support for SystmOnline to our patients. The system itself has its own online help guide which can be accessed at

The site should work with most modern Internet Browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer we would suggest at least version 7.

Use the mouse to navigate the site, and avoid using the forward/back buttons on your web browser as this may cause unpredictable results. When you have finished accessing your account it is recommended you use the logoff button and close your web browser to prevent anyone else accessing your account. This is especially important if you are using a shared computer.

If you forget your password, you will need to come into the surgery to have it reset – please note staff are instructed not to accept requests for password resets unless you attend in person, and provide ID to verify your identity, this is again to protect patient confidentiality, and to prevent anyone other than the patient accessing their own record/information.

Additional Information

Requesting a repeat prescription

We encourage you to use SystmOnline rather than posting your repeat prescriptions as it is a more secure means of communication, and quicker and easier to choose the appropriate medication you need.

If one or more of your regular medications does not appear on the screen it may be because the repeat authorisation has expired and the medication needs to be ‘reauthorised’ by a doctor. You may still request the medication by writing it in the message box provided, but you may be asked by the doctor to make an appointment for a medication review. When writing out medication requests, be sure to include the name of the medication, the dose, and the quantity required. If you would like your prescription to be forwarded to your pharmacist, please state the name of the pharmacy in the message box.

Once your repeat prescription request has been received it will be processed by one of our Dispensary staff. If your medication is currently authorised as a repeat medication, your request will be ‘accepted’ and a new prescription printed.

From time to time, patients request medication that is overdue for review. Your request will then be forwarded to a doctor who will decide whether to accept or decline your request. If your request is declined, the word ‘rejected’ will appear next to your request on the screen and you will receive a message from the doctor informing you what to do next. Please don’t be angry with the staff if this happens – it is the doctor’s decision.

You can follow the progress of your prescription request online by logging into your SystmOnline account. Please ask for your regular medications in plenty of time and allow at least two full working days for your prescription request to be processed. (And 3 if your prescription is forwarded to a pharmacy).

Update your registration details

If you change your address, phone number or mobile, or other contact details please let us know as soon as possible. People often forget to inform us and the problem is only discovered when we attempt to contact you in an emergency!

You can change your contact details on-line. Before your new details are registered they are reviewed by a member of our staff to check for obvious errors. If you have moved outside our practice area you may be contacted and asked to register with a more local Practice.

Summary record access

The latest addition to our online service gives patients the option to view a summary of their medical record online, currently this will show sensitivities, allergies and medication history.