Same Day Appointments

If you wish to be seen on the day and you do not have a pre-booked appointment, we strongly recommend you phone the surgery first on 01775 715999 after 08.00am and you will be appointed appropriately with a Triage Nurse, an Advanced Skills Nurse or an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner for assessment.

You will not be able to make an appointment directly to see your own GP on the day as a rule, but you may be able to secure an appointment for the following day with your own GP.

Patients requesting to be seen on the same day will be seen by the clinician most appropriate to the presenting problem you have; therefore the receptionist will ask you for a brief outline of the issue. This is to help you and to ensure you are seen by the most appropriate clinician on the day; all staff in the surgery – whether administrative or clinical – are bound by confidentiality, if you are unable to provide details you will be offered an appointment within the following day or two.

On the day appointments will not necessarily be with a Doctor in the first instance; but the clinician you do see has access to the Duty Doctor each day all day and will seek advice as required; you may be referred to the Duty Doctor following this initial assessment.

Those patients requiring appointments that are not urgent for the day and are not acute will be appointed to specific clinics with the correct clinicians; a Health Care Assistant; triage nurse; specialist nurses; one of our Advanced Skills Nurses or Advanced Paramedic Practitioner. 

For a routine appointment with your own Doctor, you will most likely be appointed within the next 7 working days. 

If you do need to be seen on the day and are assessed in the first instance by a clinician you may then be seen by the Duty Doctor for the day if so recommended by the assessing clinician.

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

The Duty Doctor role will be fulfilled by a different doctor each day of the week and as such may not be your own Doctor. 

Should you then need a routine Doctor appointment thereafter, you will revert to seeing your usual Doctor.

If you are requesting, and are offered an on the day appointment you will be offered the first available appointment in the morning or afternoon session of that day. 

]Although we will try to be accommodating, it is not always possible to make an appointment in the very specific and narrow times that a patient might request.

Sometimes the issue you want to be resolved does not necessarily require a face to face appointment; medication reviews, medication queries, updates regarding investigations and results and fit notes to cover sickness from work may sometimes be dealt with by other departments in the building or in telephone consultations.

Not all situations need a face to face appointment but our receptionists are here to help and will try their best to direct you most appropriately and expediently.