Travel Health

Travel Questionnaires

To ensure that we have all the relevant information relating to your travel plans we ask that you complete a Travel Health Questionnaire for each person.

Please return the completed travel form to the surgery, we will then contact you to arrange a suitable appointment.

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

Travel forms must be handed into the Surgery a minimum of 6 weeks before travel, otherwise you will be classed as a last minute traveller, and will be asked to attend Travel Clinics as listed below.

Travel Clinics

MASTA Travel Health

Please note if you attend these clinics there will be a charge for the vaccines administered.


Some vaccinations may take up to 2 weeks or longer to work after completion of the course.

Malaria prophylaxis usually needs to be started 2 weeks before you depart and some vaccinations involve a whole course which may take up to 1 – 6 months depending on the immunity required.

To complete a full course of immunisation, it may require you to attend multiple appointments.

Non MMC patients – £20 charge for private consultations.

The practice charges for non-NHS immunisations, common vaccinations are listed below:

Japanese Encephalitis (Jap B)(Course of 2 @ £99 each)£198
Meningitis (ACWY)(Single Dose at £50)£50
Rabies(Course of 3 @ £70 each)£210
Tick Born Encephalitis(Course of 3 @ £65 each)£195
Cholera(Course of 2 doses, first dose free)£28
Hepatitis B
-Pediatrics (children)

(Course of 3 @ £50)
(Course of 3 @ £31)


Prices are correct at May 2023, cost of vaccination(s) will be confirmed at time of booking, and payment for complete course is required in full before the first vaccination of a course of treatment.

Payment can be made by cash and most credit or debit cards (including non-UK issued cards, but excluding American Express).

Other vaccinations are available, but not all are held in stock, and stock is subject to availability from our suppliers.

You do not have to be a registered patient to have travel vaccinations at the practice, but you will be asked to fill in the relevant paperwork so we can pass details to your regular GP.

(Non MMC Patients – £20 charge for private consultation)

You can obtain further information and establish likely vaccination requirements by visiting the websites below. The practice uses its own travel immunisation information from a source available only to healthcare professionals.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

We are a Registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

As a registered vaccination centre, we are able to offer the yellow fever vaccine to patients needing this for their protection when travelling in certain areas of the world.

In order to be a registered centre, we have to have received mandatory training in this subject. This is monitored by National Travel Health Network and Centre:

Who needs this vaccine?

Usually travellers to areas of Africa and South America are advised to receive the vaccine a minimum of 10 days before travelling.

Travellers of 9 months of age and above require the vaccine for these areas.

Please take time to look at your travel itinerary.

Do I require a yellow fever vaccine?

Look on for your vaccine requirements.

This will guide you to your personal need for yellow fever vaccine.

Do I need to pay for this vaccine?

Yes; as this vaccine is not available on the NHS, you are required to pay for the vaccine at the time you receive it.

The cost of £70 is usual for this vaccine.

How long will the vaccine protect me for?

The vaccination will give you 10 years of protection, and you will gain protection against yellow fever approximately 10 days following the vaccine.

Why do I need a yellow fever certificate?

This international certificate of vaccination allows the immigration authorities of the country you are visiting to either:

  • Protect the population against yellow fever disease
  • Protect the traveller against the disease.

A certificate will automatically be issued to you when the vaccine has been administered.

You will be asked to sign the front page of the certificate and the details inside it will be completed by the Nurse administering the vaccine.

It should be kept safely and must be taken with you when you travel.

Without it, you may be held in immigration, or asked to return home.

I have lost my original certificate, can I get a replacement?

If the original details are available to use, then any yellow fever registered centre can issue a replacement certificate.

A charge may be made for this service.

If you need further advice regarding yellow fever, please book an appointment for travel advice with the one of the Practice Nurses who specialise in Travel Vaccination.