Urinary Tract Infection Patient information

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We will no longer be accepting urine samples dropped in at reception for suspected urinary tract infections, unless we have asked the patient to provide a sample, as this is no longer considered best practice.

We cannot accept any urine sample that has not been specifically requested. We cannot store urine samples for reasons of safety and clinical effectiveness.

Please note : We do not perform urine dipsticks in patients over 65 years of age.

This is because urine dipsticks become more unreliable with increasing age. Up to half of older adults, and most with a urinary catheter, will have bacteria present in the bladder/urine without an infection. This “asymptomatic bacteriuria” is not harmful, and although it causes a positive urine dipstick, antibiotics are not beneficial and may cause harm.

If you feel you have a water/urinary tract infection, our reception team will take details of your symptoms. This information will be passed to a clinician to consider what steps need to be taken.

If the clinician feels a sample is needed, they will ask you to bring one in.

If you have been asked to bring a sample to the surgery, we will only be able to accept this sample in an appropriate container. These are available to buy at our reception desk for 20 pence or can be bought from pharmacies, but costs may vary. We are unable to accept urine samples in any other containers, due to the risk of contamination.